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I had a fun day at Box Hill Institute demonstrating the solarplate etching process in a Masterclass.

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Tools of the Trade

A Tamponi, what's that you may ask?  
Well... its a tool used to push ink into a printmakers image on a plate.

A friend and a few of her Italian colleague are making them, by hand and selling them direct.  As an artist you may like to purchase to use in your practice, or as a client, purchase a beautiful art in itself.......

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Look what I received in my inbox today.......


"Happy to say that your gorgeous gift cards arrived today. They are divine!  Thank you so much for the lovely gift as well, I love it. I will be placing further orders down the track so I look forward to your range expanding".

Kirsten, Camberwell, Victoria


Thank you Kirsten x

Roufus Bristlebird.  Click here to go Shopping!!!

Roufus Bristlebird.  Click here to go Shopping!!!

Client Testimonial

One of my lovely clients wrote to me recently:


I love the cards.  The photos on the internet are good but the cards are even better "in person" & the delivery was so quick and efficient.

Tracy, Lorne, Victoria


Thank you Tracy x

Warratah Greeting Card.  Click here to start Shopping!!!

Warratah Greeting Card.  Click here to start Shopping!!!

ZoneOne Arts Article

Interview with Deborah Blackley from Zoneone Arts

Zoneone Arts’ mission is to provide online interviews that showcase the full range of contemporary arts and crafts happening in Australia and the world. Our focus will be cross-genre to inspire, attract and influence designers and artisans.

As its major feature, Zoneone Arts’ very own Deborah Blakeley interviews prominent individuals in the Arts and Creative industry. The interviews and their transcripts are provided on the website.