'Innate Beauty'  

Group exhibition at Port Jackson Press Print Gallery with Kate Gorringe-Smith, Debra Luccio, Mandy Renard, Violeta Capovska, Lucy Hardie and Trudy Rice

Some works still available for purchase at Port Jackson Press Print Gallery.

'Innate Beauty' with Kate Gorringe-Smith, Debra Luccio, Mandy Renard, Violeta Capovska, Lucy Hardie and Trudy Rice
6th - 26th February 2015

2015 will be a year packed with must-see print exhibitions and this is your invite to our first show of the year 'Innate Beauty' 6th -26th February. Featured in this group show will be new works by six focal female figures in the printmaking community; Violeta Capovska, Debra Luccio, Lucy Hardie, Trudy Rice, Kate Gorringe-Smith, and Mandy Renard . 

The subtle or transparent femininity that is reflected in each of the artists prints, can be seen as a uniting element, whether adapting inspiration from the female form or the natural world around them. Displaying these artists together uncovers how femininity and natural elements can be interrupted, uncovered and demonstrated using a variety of printmaking processes whilst also demonstrates the familiarities and variations in each of their practices whether being their chosen theme and or subject matter.

Practising since the early 90s, the female theme has always staged a significant part in Violeta Capovska's practice, which has been revealed again in her series of blossoming pastel coloured florets. These large scale flowering linocuts reflect the visual connection she sees within a female theme and natural elements.

Similarly, Trudy Rice also depicts pastel coloured natural elements within her works yet focuses more so on her passion for the natural world. After developing her practice for many years, her work is a demonstration of her mindful observation, which often leads to meditative drawing. Her work is also an expression of organic printmaking process, which has become a unique signature and highlights her up most respect and passion for the environment around her. 

The love for the natural world is also carried throughout Kate Gorringe-Smith's recent prints, depicting a variety of natural elements that have become reoccurring symbols in her practice. Working with the medium of wood, Gorringe-Smith has kept the natural pattern of the wood grain on the print when depicting her signature-silhouetted image of the bird in flight. Her featured friends have become a constant source of inspiration as well as her mixed media prints of etched tree branch stencils. 

Also featured is the work of Lucy Hardie. Hardie aims to demonstrate to the audience not the identity of her focal female, but rather aims to communicate an emotion. In recent years, she has developed her fine-layered monochromatic pen drawings into expressions of darker and mysterious sides of the human psyche with death as a catalyst for transformation and new life appearing as a central theme.

Although visually contrasting, the influence of surrealism within Hardie's practice can be shared in the brightly coloured and bold etchings of Mandy Renard. Renard's unique subject matter and large-scale imaginative landscapes transport the audience into a fantasy world. Rather than the timely process that Hardie takes to develop her drawings, Renard depicts her feminine featured stories with drypoint etchings creating their 2D lines and life with bright colour and plate tone. 

Debra Luccio has developed a beautiful array of black and white monotype's inspired by The Australia Ballet's rehearsals of Graeme Murphy's Swan Lake. The copper plate is applied with a specific black ink mixture, which creates a texture and uneven layering, and Luccio then works away the layer using her finger and a rag. The featured works are a selection of recent work from the Black Swan White Swan series, which strips pictorial devices down to its bare essential and delivers a series of images that capture the purity, power and physicality of the wonderful dancers of The Australian Ballet Luccio highlights.

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