Tamponi or Dabber Tool for spreading ink

Tamponi or Dabber

Tool for spreading ink



Back in the old days they were used to spread ink on the plate, but I think that would be a bit messy and an ink spreader is easier.

These handmade beauties are 10cm in diameter, made of black leather on a wooden padded base and are very good for pushing the ink into etching plates after using the spreader to spread the ink. In Italy we made them much bigger (12 cm diameter) but we decided that they were too big and made ours 10cm. 

At $90 this basically covers the handmade costs including the hitting of fingers, the blisters from cutting the leather and the swearing and cursing!

Currently they have 10 in stock.

Please contact Lyn Nicholls directly on either mobile 0409 287 557 or via email lnicholls55@gmail.com