Having worked as a fashion model for over 20 years I quite easily take certain elements of the fashion industry, such as texture and colour, into my artwork.

My life to date has without a doubt, informed my artistic endeavours.

I had my first solo exhibition of paintings, after which I decided to return to arts school part time.  When you take into consideration that I had 4 young children, this decision was a difficult one, however, I loved every moment of my time at the CAE where I was introduced to Printmaking, and so began my love affair with this beautifully expressive medium.

My introduction to the Firestation Print Studio (FPS) came when I noticed a flyer at the College for a workshop at the facility with Sarah Amos; an Australian born Printmaker working in Canada doing collograph printing.

The Firestation is a 24-hour, open access printmaking facility that caters for a large assortment of community projects, so with my natural passion for anything community based I fast became a fixture at the facility.

I curated many exhibitions at FPS as well as my own exhibitions and in the process learned a great deal about printmaking, art, artists and the community.

I soon had a studio space I could work from at the Firestation and took on the voluntary role of Secretary on the Committee of Management.

After two years as Secretary I was voted in as President.  For the last few years Edith May, the Committee and myself have worked tirelessly to create a definite brand for the Firestation Print Studio. We have to date designed its current logo, fostered relationships with local businesses at the Stonnington Council as well as attracting country, inter-state and International members.

I have created various videos for artists to promote their solo exhibitions as well as a promotional video for the facility. I also designed an artist’s book showcasing a selection of artists working at FPS which now resides in a number of very prestigious places such as the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne University Ballieu Library, Latrobe University Library and the State Library of Queensland, all of which purchased our limited edition; it was a most satisfying project.

We have enlightened the public to the exquisite art of Printmaking by holding an exhibition and live printmaking demonstrations at Federation Square for the past two years; all artists involved were very happy with the outcome.

This year I step down as President to make way for a new era at the Firestation Print Studio. I will however, continue to work with the Firestation assisting with their marketing and graphic design.

My first solo exhibition at the Firestation was titled Fragility which was an impression of a moment spent on site observing the Otway Ranges.

I make no proofs, no prior versions or preparatory sketches; only the immediate artwork drawn directly onto the plate.The artworks in this exhibition were the result of my connection to the Lorne location in which my family and I regularly spend time.

My next exhibition in 2014 titled Dragons and Banksias was an attempt to hone into the flora, fauna & small critters of the same area.   This exhibition came about when I found a huntsman spider after he was squashed flat in my car door on a very hot day. Next I see my young son running towards me, hands outstretched, “Mum, Mum… I found something for you.” It was the most perfectly preserved dragonfly.  I drew him in ink immediately – they are such inspiring creatures. I had almost finished drawing and noticed its wings starting to move.  I thought I was hallucinating and picked it up, took it to the window to see it in a better light, and it flew gently out of my hands…it must have only just hatched and was still in shock!

After this I had friends collecting bugs for me – all died of natural causes of course!

This year I have taken a studio in Bayside and am working towards a solo exhibition at Port Jackson Press in Smith Street.  I must say that I could not contain my excitement when I heard I would be showing at this most reputable gallery.

This current body of work is titled Oceanus and is honing in on sea life.  Not just in the Otway area but from all parts of Australia particularly the Great Barrier Reef, which is close to my heart and I feel needs to be recorded as it is diminishing at such an intense pace.

I am not attempting to interrupt the order of nature, purely recording it and encapsulating it as it unfolds with every brief moment in time.


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